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Oshawa, On  L1H 4R9

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T.C. Securities Corp. Q&A

Where does T.C. Securities Corp offer its services?

T.C. Securities Corp. is an industry leading, full-service security company based in Oshawa, ON. We provide our quality services to clients within the GTA, surrounding areas, and beyond.

What services does T.C. Securities Corp. offer?

T.C. Securities Corp. specializes in the design, supply, installation, and service of security systems including Intrusion Detection Systems, CCTV and IP Based Video Solutions, Access Control Systems, Intercom and Telephone Entry Systems, as well as, ULC Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems. T.C. Securities Corp. further provides ULC Certified Fire & Intrusion Detection Monitoring Services, as well as, 24/7 Monitoring Services for non-ULC Intrusion Detection, Medical Alert, Industrial (Boiler, Generator, etc.), and Environmental (Temperature, Water Detection, etc.) applications.

Who does T.C. Securities Corp. provide its services to?

T.C. Securities Corp. provides our services to a vast array of market verticals including Education, Municipal/Federal Government, Retail, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Marihuana security applications.

Is T.C. Securities Corp. an experienced company?

Our extremely experienced Installation and Service Teams are considered second to none within the industry, offering broad experience and expertise for many of the Security Industry’s leading manufacturer’s product lines and security solutions. In fact, we have employees with over 20 and 30 years of security industry related experience.

Does T.C. Securities Corp. have appropriate insurance coverage?

Yes, T.C. Securities Corp. is fully insured (Commercial and Automobile), and all employees are covered by WSIB.  

Does T.C. Securities Corp. have a Health and Safety Policy?

Yes, T.C. Securities Corp. has an established Health and Safety Policy in effect, and all employees are trained accordingly.  While working on jobs/projects, our employees not only recognize and adhere to the Health and Safety Policy of T.C. Securities Corp., but also to that of the policy’s of the organization and/or company of which we are performing work for.

What is the value added benefit of dealing with T.C. Securities Corp?

The value added benefit of dealing with a company such as T.C. Securities Corp is the fact that we can provide electrical, fiber/data communication, and security and life safety services all “in-house” making our organization extremely flexible and competitive within the security market place. We work efficiently and can react to situations easily, in order to get the job/project completed on time and within budget.  

T.C. Securities Corp. has extremely high installation and workmanship standards. Our goal when installing a security system is to install and configure it properly the first time, thus preventing unnecessary service issues later. However, we are most proud of our after sale service and support.  

T.C. Securities Corp. strives to keep security systems operating properly, clients safe and secure, and customers happy. This is what we do …


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